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Career Counsellor; Job Duties and Work Environments

A career counsellor assists those who have inquiries about various professions and educational options. Working with such a career counselor may help job seekers make the best of the preparation and decision-making phase and locate a career path that is ideal for their needs.

Career Counsellor’s Duties

One of the numerous tasks performed by career counselors is assisting clients in identifying their abilities, values, interests, and aspirations. They could carry out evaluations, run personality tests, conduct client interviews, and use interest inventories to do this.

Workplaces for Career Counsellors

Counsellors might work in many different fields. The type of clients they work with often varies depending on the environment.

  1. Educational Environments

Governmental organizations, business firms, and educational institutions including high schools and universities are just a few of the main workplaces for those in this profession. Some counsellors assist students in high schools in selecting colleges and careers. Others work in higher education settings and offer advice to college students who are having trouble choosing a major or what they want to do after they graduate.

  1. Workforce Environments for Adults

Another area of specialization for career counselors is working with individuals who are currently employed. These people could look for a career counselor’s help because they want to grow in their existing occupations, wish to change careers, or need help finding new employment after being put off.

  1. Vocational Environments

Career counsellors occasionally assist persons with impairments who require help obtaining job skills and finding employment. These counselors are frequently hired by government or private organizations that provide support to kids and adults with a variety of difficulties. Among the duties counselors could carry out in this field include imparting fundamental employment skills, engaging clients with community resources, and corresponding with employers.

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